We are just a week away from the start of High School sports here in Western New York and just about everyone is ready except one key group of people the referees.

That was until last night. Yesterday officials with Section VI and officials in all sports agreed to a new contract. The current contract was set to expire on August 31st and if it was not renewed or a new contract agreed upon, the start of the season could have been delayed.

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Western New York Sports Officials is the group that handles contract negotiations for officials in each sport in Western New York. The officials' associations work games for Section VI and the Monsignor Martin Association during the season and post-season.


The current contract that was set to expire on Wednesday was a one-year extension that was signed back in 2020 when the schools were coming together to have games during the COVID-19 pandemic. The officials and Section VI signed a three-year deal in 2018 that would have ended last year.

Since the extension was signed for the 2021 season, it was in effect until the end of August of this year.

Officials from both sides met in Buffalo last night to get all the details worked out before any games would have been delayed or postponed.

We have seen how important sports are to the kids in schools and what a lost season can do to them during COVID, so this was important to get a deal done.

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