Here's why Albert the Alligator was actually taken away, according to the DEC and the owner of Albert, Tony.

It is the biggest story all over the country. An 11-foot pet alligator was taken from his home, where he lived in an addition in the house with his own private pool. The 34-year old alligator has absolutely crazy support. There are even signs on major roads around Buffalo, New York.

Why was the 750-pound alligator taken away?

"I should be grandfathered in", the owner of Albert the Alligator told Clay and Company this morning on WYRK.

It sounds like a combination of public safety and concern mixed with an insurance issue is why Albert the Alligator was taken out of his home in Hamburg, New York. The  New York State released a statement and said why the alligator was taken:

In the interest of public safety and the health, safety, and protection of the alligator, ECOs worked with the Town of Hamburg Police and The SPCA Serving Erie County, NY to seize the alligator.

But, if it was his pet and inside of his private residence, how is that a concern some supports were asking? Regardless of the opinions of supporters and the government, there was a license issue. So, when the police were tipped off, it was reason for them to look into the issue. Owner of the alligator Tony told us the laws changed and he didn't have a license, yet had the gator for over 30 years.

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He says that the insurance changed and that is why there was a lapse in the license. The license was expired in 2021.

"they told me you need to move this up to $2,000. That's 1200 dollars a year extra", Tony said.

Tony goes on to compare the price of that insurance to zoo insurance and says that he is not a zoo and once Albert got too big, he does not do educational shows any more.

Where is Albert the Alligator now?

We already know that the gator was moved to stay with someone that has a license to take care of it. But, after doing some research online, there are only a few verified keepers in Wester New York that can hold the gator. That being said, it is fair to note that it could be out of Western New York as well.

But, Tony says that the officials where not tell him where Albert is being held, likely because supporters would go to the location.

Where did the Alligator live in the house? You can take a look at the video below:

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Gallery Credit: Clay Moden

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