In Buffalo, New York dogs are not allowed at public special events anymore.

Some people think that the law is over-the-top, and some understand that dogs aren't for everyone either. Of course, you have to be a decent owner to control your dog, but the law states that no person shall bring a dog to a special event anymore--whether the dog is leashed of unleashed.

Now, these are the rules for the City of Buffalo, but they are not alone in Western New York with this law.

According to eCODE360:

no person shall bring a dog, either leashed or unleashed, to a special event held on municipal property. The owner of the dog or the owner of record shall be held liable for a violation of this subsection.
For the purposes of this Subsection B, a "special event" includes all entertainments, exhibitions or performances described in Chapter 75 and other events on municipal property which require a permit or permission of the City of Buffalo or the Buffalo Board of Education.
For the purposes of this subsection, "municipal property" means all property owned by the City of Buffalo or the Buffalo Board of Education, including but not limited to parks, playgrounds and public streets.
According to the eCode site, which is one that has a log of all public laws per major town and city, here is the fine if you break these dog laws: $15 for a first violation, $25 for a second violation and $50 for a third or subsequent violation.
In 2019, the City of Tonawanda passed a similar law that bans anyone from bringing a dog, leashed or unleashed to special events, including the most popular one, Canal Fest.
It is important to note that service dogs are an exception to the law.

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