Handshakes To Be Banned At Businesses
Business cards. Phone books. Plastic grocery bags.
...just some of the things that kids born after 2020 will probably never see.
Are handshakes next?
Handshakes may be banned in the workplace in order for companies to avoid expensive sexual harassment claims...
Propsed New York State Law May Screw up Drivers at Inspections
You may already get a ticket if you have this on your car, but now your car may not be able to go on the road at all.
We're talking tinted windows.
If you're pulled over because your windows are tinted too dark you may get a ticket. But if you have tints too dark on your car at the time of y…
15 Strange Laws On New York State Books
New York State has literally thousands of laws on the books and many are no longer being enforced.  We found a list of some of these laws and thought we should let you know about them, you may be breaking the law and not even know it.
jeezy & Soulja boy arrested
Rappers Young Jeezy & Soulja Boy both could have avoided arrested if only they invested in a little common sense. Peep the details & find out when to flex your rights and when to let it slide.