Here comes 2024!

It’s almost time to say goodbye to the past year and all of its worries and stresses to welcome a brand new one filled with possibilities and hope. And for a lot of us, that means hitting the town for a celebratory midnight toast on New Year’s Eve

Going out on New Year’s Eve typically means throwing on a fancy outfit (bonus if it has plenty of glitter and sparkles) and hitting the town. But sometimes, a freezing cold New Year’s night  can throw a wrench in our well-dressed plans. 

New Years Eve Party

Who wants a huge coat, scarf, hat and gloves hiding their festive ensemble? Not to mention having to lug around all of that winter gear throughout a crowded party once you get to your New Year’s destination. Ugh. 

What Will The Weather Be Like For New Year’s Eve 2023 In New York State?

Thankfully, we don’t have anything *too* worrisome as we head into 2024. Right now, the Buffalo area is calling for some snow showers mainly in the evening, but the rest of New York is looking pretty mild as far as weather goes, with temperatures averaging in the 30’s.

We’ve definitely had it a lot worse…

The Coldest New Years Eve In New York State History

Using data from the National Weather Service, we looked at several cities in New York State to determine which years had the coldest New Year’s Eve on record - and boy, we’ve had some icy ones! 

In fact, one year in particular stood out among all the others, sending several areas across the Empire State plummeting into frigid temperatures. Was your city one of them?

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Keep scrolling to find out when the coldest New Year’s Eve ever took place in your town. 

The Coldest New Year's Eves In New York State History

Brrrr! Here's the year that holds the record for the coldest New Year's Eve in your city.

Gallery Credit: National Weather Service/Canva

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