Governor Hochul has been getting prepared for the solar eclipse that is happening coming up on April 8, 2024.

The campsites are 100% sold out in New York State. Camping was the most popular option for visitors so that they can view the eclipse in locations that are far enough in the country or wilderness to see clearer.

There are TONS of other places that you can go to that are having an eclipse party and you can see those below.

In October 2022, Governor Hochul convened an Interagency Task Force comprised of nearly two dozen state agencies and authorities. The Task Force has been collaborating for the past 17 months on plans to ensure everyone can safely enjoy the eclipse. New York State is expecting hundreds of thousands of visitors, and Governor Hochul is reminding travelers of several tips to ensure the smoothest possible experience for everyone. Governor Hochul is advising travelers to get to their destination early and plan on staying late to avoid the most traffic, allow for extra travel time, and travel prepared with water and snacks. Additionally, drivers should never pull over on the side of the road to ensure first responders can get by in an emergency", according to the New York State YouTube page.

The next total solar eclipse will not happen in New York again until 2079, so the hype is for good reason.

Other things that the New York State Division of Homeland Security noted were:

  • Gas Stations across the New York State Thruway and surrounding areas are topping off to make sure it can handle the influx of people
  • Campgrounds are 100% sold out for the night before the eclipse at all New York State Parks.
  • The New York State campgrounds are sold out 93% at capacity for Monday night. At that point the eclipse will be over.
  • New York State is reminding you that cell phones might be overloaded and might not work. But, it is important to note that 911 WILL ALWAYS WORK. The officials reminded (joked?) that being stuck in traffic is not a true emergency.

LIST: Total Solar Eclipse Events In Western New York

Here are all of the events to view the total solar eclipse in and around Buffalo, New York.

Gallery Credit: Facebook/Google Street View/Yelp/Canva

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