The Buffalo Niagara International Airport got some serious money that they are able to use for the facility and this is what they decided to use it for.

They decided to use the money to buy four brand new passenger bridges to planes.

The U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) had awarded the Airport a total of $4,400,000.

When I became majority leader I promised to deliver the federal funding needed to grow the Buffalo-Niagara International Airport and secure the modern upgrades it needs, and this $4.4 million award does just that. Western NY no longer has to wait for takeoff on long-awaited repairs upgrades,” said Senator Schumer. “A modern and well-maintained airport attracts customers, grows the airport, and creates continued success of the entire region. I am proud to land these federal dollars from our Bipartisan Infrastructure & Jobs law to help Buffalo-Niagara International Airport reach new heights", according to Kristen Gillibrand's website.

If you are wondering what these passenger bridges look like you can take a look at on below. It is just an example. These are the bridges that you go into right after you show the attendant your boarding pass. Four of the bridges that go across are going to be replaced.

If you were in charge of using the money at the Buffalo Airport, what would you do with it? We had a lot of fun with the question this morning and people around Western New York. Here were some of the suggestions:

  • Longer moving walking belt
  • More comfortable chairs in the waiting areas
  • More chargers
  • More restaurants

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