First of all I love her first name (Isis) and what it represents and stands for in the community. Now here is a woman entrepreneur who is trying to do something good while raising the level of awareness and consciousness as it relates to natural African hair in her community.

·         Monique Sheree says: “Isis is a friend of mine and used to do my hair. She started helping many women in the Dallas Metropolis to embrace their natural essence including nutrition and hair. All women, even those who perm their hair should understand that what she stands for is "us". She never bought into this system that has erased many of us...yes some of you have been and are being erased. I do not think that me or any woman who does black hair should be regulated by this state. Period. And for those of you who do...please keep your blinders on, tape over your mouth and step aside while once again allowing someone else who looks like you stand for something that may benefit you are you loved one(s). blessings