The controversy behind Cynthia Mort's upcoming film Nina, a biopic focused on the life, music and accomplishments of legendary blues/jazz songstress Nina Simone, has lived as long as the announcement of the film has. Between rumors about who would play Simone and if the movie was even being made, it wouldn't be a surprise if the film bombs before it premieres.

The biggest problem Nina Simone's family, friends and fans have had is the actress chosen to depict Nina -- Zoe Saldana.

Pictures of Saldana, who identifies herself as Afro-Latina, on the set of Nina have leaked, and the image of Saldana essentially in blackface and with a widened nose has not gone over well with Simone's followers, who believe that Mort should've chosen a woman who was naturally darker and that a "real" African-American would have been more appropriate.

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Last August, Simone's daughter, Lisa Celeste Stroud (who goes by her stage name Simone), penned a letter expressing her disdain for the choice of Saldana to play her mother. The man who runs Nina Simone's website recently released a letter not only condemning the film for Saldana's leading role, but for also allegedly misusing the term "biopic" for the film. He alleges that the story will not focus on Nina Simone's real legacy, music and influences and will instead be a love story between Nina and her male nurse.

So what do you guys think? Should this film go on? Should they re-cast? Let us know below!

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