The difference between the Buffalo Bills just one year ago, under Rex Ryan, and the New Buffalo Bills is all but the extreme, in my opinion. The players even seem to be matured, cohesive, and determined. In past years, the attitude within the organization seemed much less Professional and Focused...but as I said, that's an opinion.

The Bills are currently "On A Roll" and could be a serious contenders to "Go All The Way"! They're definitely hungry and seem absolutely tired of the stigma that's been attached to them as a team who is at best...mediocre. The Bills are celebrating a winning record of 8 wins and 6 losses ... which I feel could have been 9W - 5L minus the embarrassing decision to start Peterman over Tyrod Taylor, resulting in a loss.
Well here's what happened today!:

Do The Bills Have A Real Shot?

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