Ugly Wife?

A man successfully sued his wife based on claims she was too ugly...and HE WON!!!!  A Chinese man and his wife had a baby and upon the man seeing the baby he accused his wife of having an affair because he felt the baby was too ugly and looked nothing like either of them.

The woman fessed' up and revealed that she had had plastic surgery prior to meeting her husband and used to be ugly before the surgery.  The man filed for a divorce and then openend a lawsuit against his wife for damages, based on her deceiving him into marrying her and believing she was beautiful with the outcome being an ugly baby.  The judge heard the case and awarded the man a divorce and $120,000.00 for damages!

Here's what I'd like you to do:  Look at the before and after pictures (above) of the wife and enter a TU below if you think the wife is indeed TOO UGLY or enter the letters NTU if you think the wife is NOT TOO UGLY!

Here's the news report:

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