According to "The Buffalo News" Michael Fijal, lifelong resident and now resigned member of South Buffalo's "Old First Ward Community Association" has been indicted on two counts of arson. Michael Fijal is suspected of participating in burning down the dream house of a Black man who recently relocated from the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Okay...enough of the news language protocol... in my own words... Here's the bottom line: Michael Fijal has been exposed as a possible Racist for allegedly burning down the home of an individual simply based on his skin color. How stupid can you be??? This is a grown man, who served on the Board of this "Old First Ward Community Association" organization...which not only makes him look like a jerk... it also reflects upon the entire Community itself (the neighborhood..which would be translated as "all the people who live there")!

"The Buffalo News" report goes on to state that Michael Fijal was actually crazy enough to admit some involvement in, or at least knowledge of, the crime. The report also states that, in interviewing some of the residents, there seemed to be disbelief that Mr. Fijal could possibly do this. Another resident questioned any motives of racism saying that there's a Puerto-Rican family in the town that's never been bothered, so why would anyone bother someone Black. Come on! I'm gonna leave that one alone for obvious reasons.

You know what?... No I'm not! I did a little research of my own regarding "The Old First Ward" in South Buffalo... I went on the internet and googled "Racism Old First Ward Buffalo" to see if there was anything there..and Oh Ironic!  I ran across some commentary from a land-lady by then name of Peggy Vogelbacher entitled "bullied into being a racist" who had been harassed for renting to a Puerto-Rican family in this community.

I'll just close this blog with a final comment:  If within yourself you don't agree with the color of someone's skin, their cultural background or heritage...that's you'e prerogative...but to the extent that you feel as though you're of some superior stature whereas you take it upon yourself to burn someone's home down, or to the extreme, take another person's life or harm them physically at all... you have a SERIOUS problem... one in which there is no place for you in this society today or even 50 years ago.

To Mr. Fijal... if you did do what you're suspected of doing... you seriously need to wake up, pray for some sense, and Personally purchase or build a home for the gentleman who you have not only inconvenienced, but whose life you've also shattered simply because he looks differently than you.

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