I have only been here a year and a some change. Once I got hear, folks where like you have to have the pizza. The pizza is amazing here. I thought they where kidding because its Buffalo and off course they are known for their wings.

Me being the greedy person I am, I had to try the pizza in Buffalo asap and boy was it good. It was something about the pepperoni that had me rattled. It was like no other pepperoni I have had before, it was small and cup shape and it was from that point forward I said and declared that Buffalo had the best PIZZA and yes better than New York City.

So the name of those Buffalo pepperoni's are called the "Cup and Char" the mini greasy pepperoni found on Buffalo-style pizza and according to Eater Magazine, cup and char pepperoni has popped up in dozens of shops in New York City. Folks are saying the cupped pepperoni have more engagement on Instagram than the sliver dollar-sized slices.

New York City is famous for its pizza and they may be taken a page out of Buffalo's pizza play book and they should really give Buffalo credit for this one.

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