OK, here we go: According to a Buffalo News story, State Education Commissioner John B. King, Jr. has appointed Dr. Judy L. Elliott as Buffalo's "distinguished educator" to help elevate city schools. Dr. Elliott, by the way, is the former Chief Academic Officer in Los Angeles.

Here's the dilema:  Number one, Buffalo City Schol Board members had no input or say in this appointment, and secondly, they are "TRIPPIN'" (that means going bananas...which means going crazy...which means they don't agree) over the pay rate of $190 per hour and the $275 per day travel expense offer made to Dr. Elliott, who is scheduled to start work here in Buffalo (part-time) on August 1! WHOA!!! $190.00 PER HOUR!!!

Now please understand that Dr. Elliott is definitely qualified for this position, having written several books to help educators in general and having served as Chief Academic Officer in L.A. She is "THE WOMAN"... BUT...is $190 per hour too much, and should Buffalo School Board members have had a say in who was chosen?

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