Buffalo School Board

Carl Paladino OUSTED!
Carl Paladino can no longer serve on the Buffalo School Board.  State Education Commissioner MaryEllen Elia decided to remove Paladino who has vowed to appeal the decision, according to WGRZ News.
POLL: Should Carl Paladino Resign?
Do you think Carl Paladino should resign based on his defense of Donald Trump's recently exposed 'Locker Room Talk' comments (video below)?
Carl Paladino is in agreement with Donald Trump regarding his comments such that ...
Should Parents Go To Jail for Truant Children?
Carl Paladino...You've got to be kidding me!!!!  You believe that Parents should face JAIL-TIME or FINES regarding their children s' excessive truancy???????  WHAT??????
I read about this foolish (in my opinion) proposal by long time Local instigator of controversy, Buffalo City School School Board M…
Two City Schools Are CLOSING!
This is my opinion but I think it's TERRIBLE & SAD that some Buffalo Schools are CLOSING because they are FAILING SCHOOLS....which implies that Students are not doing wee...not testing well...which in turn implies one of 3 things:  Students are so unruly that the teachers do more disciplining in…
The Buffalo Board of Education held its election yesterday, and it was the largest turnout in three years, with over 11,000 people casting ballots. In 2010, a little over 7,000 people took part in the election process.
Politics Getting In the Way of Educating Buffalo Children
I see the Buffalo Board of Education has decided not to use the “no fault” termination clause in the contract of Superintendent Dr. James Williams.  The decision was made following a 45 minute board meeting Monday.  Williams announced earlier this month that he …