Yasmin Young talks with Ryan Henry and Charmaine Walker, stars of VH1’s Black Ink Crew: Chicago.

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One of my favorite shows, Black Ink Crew: Chicago, is back on the air, after a three and a half month hiatus caused by the coronavirus pandemic. I have watched the series since it first aired back in 2015. I was a fan of Black In Crew, so I had to check out the Chicago franchise and have been hooked ever since. That's why it was great to catch up with the owner of 9 Mag, Ryan Henry, and his former employee and co-owner of 2nd City Ink, Charmaine Walker.

If you are a fan of the show, you know there's always drama...sometimes more drama than tattoos! The tension had been building between Ryan and Charmaine, since she decided to open her own shop. I dare to say they are on better terms now (since I did interview both of them on the same call), but there's still lots of antics to look forward to. Ryan said he isn't feeling the way he is being portrayed when it comes to his "relationships." Even though he's single (and definitely a zaddy), he can't ever seem to escape women troubles. Charmaine has gone through some major changes of her own, losing her mother and gaining a daughter named Nola Glenda.

You can catch a new episode of Black In Crew: Chicago tonight on VH1 (check your local listing for time).

Credit: VH1 via Youtube

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