Kevin Quinn, the Supervising Attorney for the non-profit Center for Elder Law & Justice in Buffalo talk about Eviction Rules during COVID-19, what Landlords can and cannot due, financial assistance that may be available, and more with Ed-Nice.

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Mr. Quinn talks about what should happen if someone is behind on their rent.

Mr. Quinn talks about if a Landlord has to notify someone in writing if they are behind on rent.

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Mr. Quinn talks about if a text message or a Facebook message counts as written notification.

Mr. Quinn speaks about if there is rent owed from before the COVID-19 Pandemic.

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Mr. Quinn answers if past due rent is forgiven or still owed.

Mr. Quinn talks about if courts are open and accepting eviction filings.

(the Act) provides further protections to tenants suffering from financial hardship because of the COVID-19 pandemic.
-Kevin Quinn

Mr. Quinn speaks about what happens if a Landlord trys to force someone out.

Mr. Quinn talks about illegal eviction being a crime.

Mr. Quinn gives a list of things someone should do if they are behind on rent or needs assistance.

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Mr. Quinn talks about if there is any financial assistance.

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