According to WIVB, many organizations including Citizens Actions of New York and PUSH Buffalo, are looking to hold a rally calling for no more evictions against tenants this year.

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Housing courts in Buffalo and across the state are beginning to reopen, according to WIVB. Leaders say the current suspension of evictions will expire on Saturday.

In my opinion, the eviction order should be extended until the end of the year. I understand that landlords and property owners need to make money, It seems to me that there should be a common ground that tenants and landlords could come to.

The main goal of the collective group, #EvictionFreeNY, aims to continue the current eviction moratorium (put in place due to COVID-19) through the end of 2020.

But that's not all they hope to accomplish:

They will call on Mayor Brown and Common Council members to enact a Buffalo Tenants Bill Of Rights to permanently safeguard vulnerable tenants from abusive landlords and reduce the risk of housing and neighborhood displacement.

Working with residents in the city of Buffalo will be a great look for community leaders and landlords, I know people personally that could benefit from this situation being resolve without any evictions especially on the Eastside of Buffalo, where I grew up.

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