Happy 716 Day! I had a chance to catch up with Venzella Joy. She talked about Beyonce inspiring her song 'Hometown Girl," the book she co-authored and more. Check out the interview.

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Venzella Joy, who is Beyonce's drummer and has recently been touring with Fantasia, is also a singer, actress and author! The Buffalo-native was in Pitch Perfect 3, playing the role of Charity. She has always been a musician and singer, working on her own music, as she tours the world. Recently, Joy co-authored a book called 'Boobs and Brown Skin.'

"Women face unique challenges in corporate culture, higher education, religion and more. Add blackness to the equation and the challenges grow exponentially. Grappling with the intersection of race and gender in systems where black women are often the minority and face many disadvantages can be overwhelming. This book recognizes the disparities which exist, but also emphasizes the necessity of introspection and personal accountability to move beyond sexism and racism in America." ~ Amazon

You can order 'Boobs and Brown Skin' at LucyMinaConsulting.com. You can find Joy's links here.

Joy is such a bright spirit. Every time I speak with her the good vibes radiate. She is an inspiration to young ladies wanting to be a part of the music industry. And of course she's a bad ass drummer, PERIODT!

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