I had a chance to talk with actress and singer Brittany O’Grady about her latest series, 'Little Voice.' Check out our interview.

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Brittany spoke about how the show and her character are similar in many ways to her own life. Her father was a musician, as her character Bess' dad is. She also sings, which she started embracing at the age of 11. Brittany has some great advice for young ladies, who might be talented, but are scared to step out and showcase their talents.

Little Voice is a new musical series now streaming on Apple TV Plus. It stars Brittany O'Grady, who you might recognize from the Fox show STAR, which followed the lives and careers of an all-girl, up-and-coming R&B group.

Brittany's new series is described in a press release as:

"Little Voice is an inspirational new musical series starring Brittany O’Grady as Bess King, a uniquely talented performer who is struggling to fulfill her dreams despite an uphill battle against rejection and family complications. The heartfelt, coming-of-age drama – which features new music from Grammy-winner and Emmy and Tony Award-nominee Sara Bareilles – is a romantic tale of the search to find your true voice and the courage to use it."

Credit: Apple TV via Youtube

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