It’s not easy finding a place to live these days, especially with the housing market and apartment value increasing in price…but situations like this definitely don’t help.

A Western New Yorker has been looking for a new apartment in the Buffalo area, and they sent an inquiry to one landlord in the area. 

But they also sent inquiries to a few other landlords and apartment locations as well.

While this is understandable to anyone who has recently been in the market for a new apartment or house, one landlord did not appreciate the potential tenant’s response time in regards to the response time. 

The person who is apartment searching shared the rather harsh email on the Buffalo subReddit:

“I e-mailed you a few days ago telling you about a house I had for rent. You never replied. Don’t bother. I don’t rent to people who refuse to communicate. That’s why you’re looking for a place to live…because you’re ignorant and don’t answer people. That’s why I don’t get tenants like you.


Thanks for saving me the agony of dealing with you.”

Obviously, this came as a bit of a shock for the person who was simply looking for a place to live. 

Another email address sent, what appeared to be, a follow-up message to the individual. It has some profanity in it, but if you want to view the screenshot, click here

It is unclear if both emails are from the same landlord, but it appears to be that way. However, there is no confirmation of such, and the identity of the landlord has yet to be revealed, but it is kind of nerve-wracking to read about the situation if you are currently looking for a new place in Western New York.

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