Iggy Azalea is continuing to call out her child's father, Playboi Carti, on social media with more accusations about him being a cheater and deadbeat father.

On Christmas morning (Dec. 25), the Aussie rapper continued where she left off last night, apparently still perturbed by the whole situation. "And I just woke up and my sons nanny is letting me know now she’s seen who this side chick is that you gave her our dog to babysit while you were in town all week with me," Iggy posted on Twitter. "And you FaceTimed her without son on the phone. Got me fucked up."

From there, she shared a video of the woman who Carti was allegedly cheating on her with. "Here’s a video of my friend kicking you out the crib at 3am like a hoe two months ago. I told you I would be sharing it if I saw your ass still being trifling so merry Christmas!" she captioned the clip. "And I coulda done you dirty and posted the begging without ya pants but I won’t even be that mean. Y’all both trash tho."

Her vitriol then focused back on Carti. "This man was in philly playing PS5 mid pandemic the day my son was born even tho it was a scheduled c section," she added. "I had onyx alone completely cause he was my only visitor approved with Covid. We lived together at that time." She went on to accuse Carti of refusing to sign their child's birth certificate and promised she had more dirt to expose.

The woman that Playboi Carti allegedly cheated on Iggy Azalea with is model Brandi Marion.

Iggy shared video of a woman, who is allegedly Brandi, being kicked out of an Airbnb that Iggy shared with Carti.

Brandi has denied she was in a relationship with Carti while he was dating Iggy, using her Instagram Story to deny the allegations against her in several lengthy posts. After Brandi sounded off, Iggy went on Instagram Live to air out Brandi further, claiming that Iggy and a friend had the opportunity to beat up Brandi but chose not to as well as referring to Brandi as a "whore."

Iggy had the internet abuzz Thursday night (Dec. 24) when she hopped on Twitter and started blasting Carti just hours before his sophomore album Whole Lotta Red album dropped.

Carti and Iggy, who started dating in 2018, welcomed a son in May. She later confirmed in October that the couple had called it quits.

See a gallery of Iggy Azalea's tweets calling out Playboi Carti, Brandi Marion denying the allegations and Iggy's Instagram Live videos below.

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