If you love Black Friday for all the incredible deals, but hate the stampedes and the fights, Walmart has a solution...have three Black Fridays and put them online!

According to NBC News, Walmart is looking to avoid all the crowds this year by splitting their deals into three separate days.  The hope is that three different days will help to "contain crowds during the coronavirus pandemic and to avoid overwhelming the supply chain."

So their plan is to split the sales up by days and start the sales online.  In other words, their Black Friday for toys, electronics, and home products will begin online on November 7th.  Black Friday for computers, movies, and music will go online starting November 14th.

If you just wrote those dates in your calendar, you will notice that they're both on Saturdays.  That isn't a mistake.  Then their final Black Friday is on the actual day itself, November 27th.

“We wanted to prioritize our associate safety, customer safety and our ability to serve,” John Furner, Walmart U.S. CEO

The hope is that people will be able to score these incredible deals mostly online and will not have to flock to stores in order to get them.  Walmart is still able to sell a ton of goods, people are still able to get great deals, and they don't have to worry about filling stores with people in close proximity of each other to spread the virus.

“Customers trust Walmart to deliver an amazing Black Friday year after year. Although this year’s event looks different, our commitment to what our customers depend on us for — the absolute best prices of the season on hot gifts from top brands — hasn’t changed,” Scott McCall, executive vice president and chief merchandising officer for Walmart U.S.

What do you think?  Will it work to keep people buying and stop them from gathering?


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