52 people murdered this year in Buffalo.  52 beloved sons, daughters, friends, mothers, fathers. 52 lives. I never thought I would be writing an article about this.

'Addicted to drama so even mama couldn't raise me
Even the preacher and all my teachers couldn't reach me'

52 lives lost in 48 weeks. More than one shooting a week, every week since January. Why? Why are so many young people dying in Buffalo. Why are so many kids getting  guns and murdering their brothers, sisters, classmates. Why do mothers and fathers have to bury their own children. Why does justice mean picking up a gun - rather than pick up the phone to help police. 52 lives lost in 48 weeks.

'Revenge is the method, whenever steppin keep a weapon close'

Why are our young men attracted to the streets. Why do they think they are invincible. Why am I not surprised to hear about a multiple shooting in the inncer city of Buffalo on the news.  Why can't our people  JUST STOP? 52 lives lost in 48 weeks.

'Callin the coroner come collect the fu*kin corpse
He got it by killer, preoccuppied with bein boss'

Our people are dying by the hands of their peers. Sensless reasons to take a life. Why did you kill him? Because he was messin’ with your girl? Because he looked at you the wrong way? Why did you kill her? Because she was in the way? Because she pushed your buttons? 52 lives lost in 48 weeks.

My cousin is the latest victim. 21 year old Justin Boykin died on Black Friday, in the early morning while pumping gas. The news reported a 30 second peice about it. That's all our murders get now. 30 seconds. 21 years of living. Three small childern. Two loving parents. One heartbroken sister and one angry cousin equals a 30 second blurb explaining that my cousin was shot and killed while pumping gas. While I was waitng in line to grab a TV from Target my cousin was gunned down in front of a crowd of people. He'll never be able to reach his full potential as a man, get married, raise his family. It was taken away from him unfairly. 52 lives lost in 48 weeks.

I went to the hospital, looked around and had to see the complete breakdown of his father, the devastation on his mother's face, and the anger in my heart. But my anger didn’t let me shed a tear. My confusion didn’t let me process what happened. My disgust for the person who did it won’t let me forget.  52 lives lost in 48 weeks...and still counting.

'I hope they bury me and send me to my rest
Headlines readin MURDERED TO DEATH'

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