Let me just start by saying I can't believe it's only June and we're talking about fireworks already. I don't care what neighborhood you live in, every summer right about June your gonna start hearing those annoying fireworks. I think many people can agree that they really don't bother you much when they are used at the appropriate time and hours of the day. The problem is, it feels like they go on all summer long.

What Are The Fireworks That Are Legal?

Back in 2014, Governor Andrew Cuomo signed a bill that legalized the sale and use of sparkling devices. Any handheld devices that produce sparkles of color and ground-based devices are considered ok. I glanced at the package of fireworks in the local stores, and the ones that are sold in the parking lots. I think that the packages that are being sold are bending the law a little bit, by naming the device different than what it actually is. Ground-based fireworks, don't shoot up in the air, the packages I've seen, have devices that go as high as some tall buildings in the city.

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What Should Be Done?

I'm perfectly fine with any fireworks being used at the appropriate time and place. I think that there should be a law in place where if they are being used illegally, that the person involved should have their fireworks confiscated and possibly fined. I think until the use of illegal fireworks is really inforced it's going to keep happening.

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