What's up man.. Need your help. I am married to a beautiful lady that I am happy with, but a couple of years ago I stepped out and cheated with this older female. I didn't want the chick but with little arguments with my girl, the older chick was easy "access"-no feelings what so ever on my end. I guess she called herself hurt when I stopped everything and what not and has gone HAM.

This woman keeps messing with my wife and my wife don't bother nobody. I told my wife what happened and we worked through what happened and we're cool. I hate I did what I did b/c my wife is getting the bad end of it. I'm gonna keep doing all I can to just prove myself to my baby. But here's the deal, I don't fight females but I think I'm gon have to send some heat this chick way.

I was wrong for what I allowed to happen and she knew about my wife before we even got involved like that She told my wife a bunch of lies and thank god my wife wasn't sweating what she said. But real talk to all the men, sometimes that extra chase just aint worth it. These tricks thirsty and crazy and this chick I'm talking bout in her damn 30s.

What should this man do about his dilemna ?

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