Having listened to Channel 7's meteorologist Mike Randall, there is a pretty good chance that high wind and rain could cause downed power lines and outages in Western New York. Here are five steps to take prior to the approaching storm.

  1. Secure all outdoor items like patio furniture, garbage cans and portable basketball nets.
  2. Anything in your basement that is not replaceable should be brought up to the first floor of your house.
  3. Clear any drains near your house of debris to reduce the risk of flooding.
  4. Have flashlights, candles and a battery-powered radio at hand in the event the power goes out.
  5. For those of you lucky enough to have a generator, make sure you have enough gasoline to sustain several hours -- if not days -- of no electricity.

And finally, make sure you check in on your elderly neighbors who may need assistance.

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