Ciara went left of "new mom" tradition and went with the long dreadlocks look rather than cutting her hair short (like I did) after pregnancy. Check out her new look and see how to get the look for yourself.

When Future first posted this pic of Ciara and Future Jr. three weeks ago, most people assumed that those were HIS dreadlocks!

But over the weekend, Ciara posted a string of selfies that confirmed that SHE is rocking the 'locks. Calvin Klein retweeted saying: “Obsessed with @Ciara in Fall 2014 Calvin Klein Collection.”

Does this mean Ciara is the face and hair of Calvin Klein’s new campaign? If not, she just gave the clothing line a free shot in the arm, as everyone is now looking forward to the fall collection. Not to mention the attention faux 'locks are getting ever since she posted pics of her dreads.

Here's how to get Ciara's dreadhead look!

Here's a few more pics from Ci Ci's IG:

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