What is the proper procedure for disposing of gloves and masks worn as a means of personal protection and as a means of protecting others if we are sick?  The question sounds like the answer might be filled with some secret procedure we're not aware of, but that is not nearly the case.  The means by which one should properly throw gloves or a mask away is to simply place it in the garbage.  However, some people choosing other ways in which to get rid of their germ-filled protective gear.

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Erie County Executive Marc Polencarz gave the best advice and instruction per his interview with WGRZ News:

"Be smart folks. Don't be pigs. Don't throw things out there. You're endangering others. If you throw it along the side of the road, you throw it in a park, a kid may pick it up and they don't know any better."

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Polencarz also added, per WGRZ:

"You can put them in trash receptacles and bins, but please don't throw them and litter," he said. "I mean it's bad enough littering in the first place but then our individuals who are gonna have to clean this up are going to have to be properly prepared themselves with masks and gloves as they go out there to collect these."

WGRZ quoted Marc Polencarz summing it up precisely:

 "Please dispose of your masks and gloves appropriately in the trash. Don't litter with these items."

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