Here's a confusing story, from the outside looking in ... as News Reports today are claiming the BMHA (The Buffalo Municipal Housing Authority) owes the City of Buffalo $3 Million Dollars!!!  Also, according to News Reports, despite BMHA allegedly owing the City $3 Million Dollars, the organization is asking for additional monies.

I attempted to reach out to The Legal Department at the BHMA but have had no success as of yet.  I did go to The City of Buffalo's website to do some more research regarding BHMA and I did at least find their Mission Statement in terms of what they do:


Mission and Vision Statement



To assist our residents in attaining and maintaining a high standard for their quality of life. The Buffalo Municipal Housing Authority will provide services and opportunities associated with affordable, desirable, and secure housing to individuals and families. We will provide customer service, programs and amenities which are the best possible.


The Purpose of the Buffalo Municipal Housing Authority is multi-faceted. It is our intention to create programs and provide services to our resident population and the broader Buffalo community within the parameters set by these overall goals:

To provide safe, clean, affordable housing to residents of the City of Buffalo that will be considered housing of choice.

To encourage and participate in strategic redevelopment of city's neighborhoods.

To offer all residents equal access to desirable housing and communities.

To Foster a sense of purpose and pride that will encourage family self-sufficiency.

To encourage tenant participation and involvement in BMHA operations and services as well as providing access to entrepreneurial development and employment opportunities.

Based upon this Mission Statement, and the allegation that the BHMA allegedly owes the City $3 Million dollars, it just doesn't make sense to me... however there are two sides to every story.. so I will continue to reach out to BHMA to get answers.

NEWS 4 (WGRZ) also reached out to the BMHA but according to their Report, the BMHA refused to answer their questions ... instead directing NEWS 4 to a short statement which they submitted in writing regarding the issue


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