I drive pass this building so much, I never knew what it really was until now. Many Know it as Hotel niagara and it is now expected to open in 2020

The hotel will have 160 guest rooms, Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo projected 130 last July. Also, the plan now calls for two restaurants – a three-meal restaurant and a sports bar – and two ballrooms.

Apparently it was suppose to open in 2019 but one of causes of the delay was A lounge being planned for the roof of the 12-story building.
Because the hotel is listed on the National Register of Historic Places, significant exterior alterations require approval from the State Historic Preservation Office and the U.S. Interior Department.

Also The building is a little more deteriorated then what they expected. They also found water damage in some of the interior walls, and an asbestos project 10 years ago removed only 80 percent of the asbestos.

Hopefully they can pull it together by 2020 because this a beautiful building, Wouldn't you agree?

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