Attention 80's babies and 90's kids, one of our beloved family sitcoms is coming back! John Stamos AKA Uncle Jessie announced on Jimmy Kimmel Live that Full House is coming back with the original cast in a spin-off show "Fuller House"!

“We’ve been working on this for many, many years,” he told Jimmy of Fuller House. “The original creator Jeff Franklin and Bob Boyett and Tom Miller — we were trying to do some sort of spin-off and we wanted to give credit to the legacy. We didn’t want to just sort of throw it away. So Netflix came around and said ‘Let’s do 13 episodes.’”

The Netflix season will start off with a re-union of the Full House Cast. The now widowed DJ Tanner has two boys with one on the way and asks her sister Stephanie and best friend Kimmey to move into the house to help raise her boys.

Interesting side note, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen said they first heard of the re-union/Spin-off show when John Stamos announced it on TV! "HOW RUDE!" The twins are disappointed that noone had reached out to them prior to the news breaking. Hopefully they can come to an agreement to establish a re-occurring role on the new show.

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