If you know anything about hip hop, you know the Nas vs Jay-Z beef was probably one of the best battles in hip hop history. I think Jay-Z maybe throwing side shots at Nas again. Did you catch the line in Jay-Z's verse on Clique

”Yeah, I’m talking ‘Ye/ Yeah, I’m talking Rih/ Yeah, I’m talking Bey’/ Ni**a, I’m talking me/ Yeah, I’m talking bossy/ I ain’t talking Kelis.”

Now anyone who listened to Nas's last album "Life Is Good" knows that Kelis still plays a role in Nas's life. So why would Jay-Z even mention her name in a song ? Also a few weeks ago, Nas announced a New Year’s Eve Show for All of Hip-Hop. And now, Jay-Z just announces that he is doing a show in BK on New Year’s with Coldplay. This seems like Jay is trying to blow the Nas and Lauryn Hill show out the water.

Hip Hop is based on competition I think before the end of next year we may just see Ether Pt 2 from Nas. I guess Jay can't accept the FACT he lost.

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