Come on.

Hidden Valley ranch has to be trolling Buffalo New York. When walking in the grocery store I noticed that there were some brand new Hidden Valley ranch bottles the ones that you can flip over and they are upside-down squeeze bottles.  But if you look closely they put chicken wings on the bottles with ranch dressing drizzled all over them.

Everybody knows in Western New York that you do not put ranch dressing on your chicken wings. In fact, you use blue cheese. They have got to know that!! It is like a sin in Buffalo...of all foods that they could have picked to put on the front of the bottle, they should have picked something other than chicken wings. You know what we are talking about. There are wing-lovers in Western New York who will legit avoid buying Hidden Valley now because they put a picture of chicken wings with ranch on the bottle. Of course, those folks were buying ranch dressing for their SALADS of course, not their wings.

Once in a while, you would see products and brands customize the products that they are selling to the cities that they are in. What an absolute miss by Hidden Valley!

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