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South Buffalo Pizza Fest is On This Saturday
Ready to go try South Buffalo's best pizza? Pizza Fest is this coming weekend! There will be all different pizzerias participating this year. Tickets are 5 bucks at the door and prizes will be given out for:
Awards will be given for 1st, 2nd and 3rd in each category
* Cheese and one topping Pizza
* Spe…
Buffalo’s Wing Fest Brings Thousands to Downtown [VIDEO]
Here in Buffalo we are known for a few things and that happen to be our record breaking snow, our many missed Super Bowls and of course our wings!
According to WIVB Channel 4 Thousands of people traveled to downtown Buffalo this Labor Day Weekend to get a taste of wings from all over the world...
Men Steal 65K In Chicken Wings [#BIGDUMMYFILES]
CBS Atlanta 46
With the Super Bowl coming up, there is a reported shortage of chicken wings which may explain why Renaldo Jackson and Dewayne Patterson (who are employees at Nordic Cold Storage in Gwinnett County, Georgia) stole $65,000 in frozen Tyson chicken wings...