On May 19, the tri-state area will lift most of the capacity restrictions, for most businesses this is good news. The fact that New York State is looking a lot better and there are more people being vaccinated is allowing the opportunity for businesses to have more people in their stores, barbershops, salons, and gyms. The only problem is, that's not helping every business.

According to WIVB, restaurant owners are not pleased with the capacity restrictions being lifted because it doesn't really help them. The restaurant owners can have more customers but because of the 6-feet social distancing guideline suggested by the CDC, smaller venues will still take a hit in their pockets, because they don't have the room to seat guests.

Will Plastic Dividers Help?

There are some restaurants that have some form of barricade between seats and tables but to get dividers that will truly make a difference, adds another expense to a small restaurant that is already struggling to keep its overall expenses down.

What will help bars and restaurants?

One thing that will really help these businesses is to lift the curfew, and not require customers to buy food with their drinks. The curfew is really what's hurting many restaurants and sports bars because they are missing out on that late crowd, especially when there is a late game.

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I know a few bar and restaurant owners personally, and some of them are really just making it under the current rules. The nice thing is, the community continues to support the local restaurants, which is keeping them around until we fully turn the corner with vaccinations and re-opening.

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