The summer season is upon us and everyone in Western New York is excited about all the great things happening in Buffalo. I personally enjoy the summer here because of all the activities that are scheduled, now that restrictions are being lifted and cases are dropping, people are ready to start hitting the town.

According to WIVB, the Buffalo Waterfront will be the place to be this summer because of the number of new and fun things to do there. Like many people can probably relate to, I remember back in the old days at the Waterfront if you wanted fun and excitement, you pretty much had to bring your own.

Here Are Some New Things To Do

If you are heading over to canalside, one of the things you may want to see is "Shark Girl", she now has a fresh coat of paint and she's looking good for all your selfies. Another great attraction is the "Buffalo Heritage Carousel" and free tours of the "Packet Boatbuilding" in the log shed. This is just a shortlist of the many new things to see and do at canalside.

Here Are Some Things To Do At Outer Harbor

There is a new beer garden at Wilkeson Pointe, you can also check out Impulse Art insulation at Wilkeson Pointe. New food and beverage area at the Lakeside Bike Park. These are just a couple of new things at the Outer Harbor.


Like many people, I'm ready to get out there and start enjoying the summer.

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