Have you thought about how crazy things are lately? I was just saying to myself, the car business is currently giving good deals on new cars and especially trucks. The only problem is, now it's costing more money to drive those trucks and SUVs According to WGRZ, a pipeline shutdown is leading to higher gas prices in Western New York.

Colonial Pipeline was just a recent victim of a cyberattack that halted all pipeline operations to deal with the threat. This is a ransomware attack, where hackers will seize data and then seek out a large payment for the release of it. This is a problem for consumers on the east coast because about 45% of the fuel used on the east coast, comes from Pipeline.

We are now starting to feel the impact of the shutdown, statewide, the average price of gas per gallon is $3.00, which is up 5 cents from last week. In Buffalo and Batavia gas prices are also up 5cents $2.93 and $2.94 and some places. This is a large difference in price compared to this same time last year. The statewide average last year was $2.16 and nationally the average price was down to $1.84.

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This puts many people here in a tight spot because, when the gas prices were down, many people took advantage of all the new truck deals. One idea that can help is, with summertime approaching, people can choose different modes of transportation when possible. I took the bus downtown this morning, it actually felt good to get some exercise

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