Living in Western New York definitely has its benefits in my opinion. One of the many reasons I love living up here is, we get to enjoy all four seasons. I like all four seasons for different reasons. Winter is nice in Buffalo for me because I actually enjoy the snow-covered ground during the Christmas holiday. Spring is fun for me because the weather gets nice again, and I know we are that much closer to summer vacations. I love the summers here in Buffalo because when my family and I are not on vacation, we hang out at home a lot around the swimming pool. The best season in Buffalo for me is the fall. The temperature is usually cooler in the evenings, which is perfect for all my comfortable sweatsuits, there are also many great fun fall activities.

Here Is My Top Five Fun Things To Do In The Fall

Living in upstate New York really has its advantages in my opinion. My favorite season is the fall time here in Buffalo. There are many fun activities to do and a lot of fun things to see here in our great city.

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