Many NBA Basketball fans are watching the NBA finals right now, so there is plenty of conversation floating around on social media about today's basketball compared to basketball from the 70s, 80s, and 90s. Growing up I played organized basketball with some of the great players from Buffalo before they went on to play professionally. One of the things that come up all the time is the traveling rule in the NBA, let's just put it out there, it's rarely called.

The Buffalo Braves played at the Buffalo Memorial Auditorium up until 1978 before becoming the San Diego Clippers and now, the Los Angeles Clippers. For basketball fans that can remember the style of playing from those players back then, it was more physical, so for many of the players, getting ruffed up was just a part of the game.

As a kid, I remember watching, what we would call now old-school basketball, and for me, I enjoyed it more back then because there weren't so many trades, players typically stayed with the team that they signed with from the beginning. If you had that player's jersey, you knew it was good for a while.

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I'm not saying I don't enjoy today's basketball at all, it was more enjoyable for me back in the day. I would love to see what the game would be like if there was no replay, no flagrant fouls, also if everyone wasn't able to shoot the three-pointer, and lastly, you could not take three and sometimes four steps to make it to the basket.

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