The " Pure Series " started off as a book written by Buffalo native Duece King. He is not only the writer, but also a star in the film. In addition, Duece is a motivational speaker that changed his life around and communicates with the youth from experience.  Now that it has transitioned into a movie, Pure has been taken to new heights.  I got the chance to watch Pure 2 at the Tralf several weeks ago and it was a sold out crowd. Pure was action packed and full of surprises. It was great to see so many local faces involved in the film.

AK Reed directed, filmed, and edited Pure. The up and coming director is extremely talented known for his music, producing videos, and now films.

Besides Buffalo, the cast also had viewings in Charlotte, North Carolina. Pure is also  showing December 2nd in Niagara Falls at Doris Jones Theatre with a special performance from the film's lead actor Fonz Carter. Tickets are available at Doris Records.

Had a great time interviewing the men behind the project.

You can also check out the trailer for Pure 2 here

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