harlem-hoodie-ban_c0-21-640-394_s561x327Our world is getting stricter in efforts to try and control the crime and injustice that is slowly covering our cities. One of the towns placing strict regulations is Harlem, New York, who has unveiled a rule that prohibits the wearing of hoodies and masks when entering an establishment. A violation of that above “law” will be treating as trespassing and handled lawfully, probably in arrest.

As expected, local neighborhoods are outraged at this regulation saying that it is “racist” and offensive. It turns out that the signs are part of an ongoing campaign to try and get crime out of the Borough. (iambrianjames.com)

DNAInfo has more:

“DO NOT ENTER WITH HOODIE OR MASK” read signs posted on three businesses along Frederick Douglass Boulevard, between 126th and 129th streets, warning “IF SO YOU ARE NOW TRESPASSING.”
While businesses see them as a way to stop shoplifting, some residents say the signs are offensive.
“I’m tired of people of color being viewed as criminals for wearing hoodies,” said Andrew Padilla, who noticed signs around 160th Street and Amsterdam in Washington Heights. “If wearing a hoodies makes you a CRIMINAL I should’ve been locked up years ago.”
The mastermind behind the signs is Joe Stark, a Philadelphia man who said he is in the process of launching his own SECURITY COMPANY. He said the $10 signs are meant to be a form of crime prevention, not discrimination.
“We’re trying to put robbers and shoplifters on notice,” he said. “When you get a guy walking into a store and he has a hood up, a mask up, it can be a scary thing.”

Our culture finds everything offensive and ‘racist’. In actuality, the regulation seems to be a grand idea to me because we have an issue with individuals robbing and killing then using their “hoodies” and “Masks” as an alibi. People shoot up your neighborhood and then we can’t ID them because of the hoodie that you think it’s ok for them to wear. I understand, we should be free to wear what we want but someone has ruined that and we have to deal with the repercussions of that. It’s not ‘racist’, it’s protective.



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