I have no doubt that I am one of the happiest people to see the calendar change from 2011 to 2012... There's just something about a "New Start" or renewal that has it's way of refreshing you...

But lets be real here... Nothing mythical happened when 1159p changed to 1200a.

I get so vexed when people be like "oh just wait until (insert arbitrary date/event/time/etc here), then things will be different..."

Regardless of the date of the calendar, nothing in your life will change unless you change it... It been time to drop the dead weight and make something happen...

The current position of your life is an end result of every decision you've made. You don't need the calendar to ready 1/1/2012 to make changes.

As my main man DJ Bandana Black says "Life Is What You Make It, So Make It!"

Start now, don't wait until midnight, tomorrow, next week, next month or whatever...

At the end of the day, this thing we call life is about progress! Make a plan, Get up and get moving. Whether you like it or not, life wait for no man (or woman)!

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