So check this out on this day 107 years ago, the cookie world changed forever and on March 6, 1912, at the National Biscuit Company factory in New York City, the Oreo Cookie was invented, that's according to USA Today.

Did you know that Oreo is the  most-eaten, cookie in the U.S. and boy don't I love a great Oreo. I was at Wegams over the weekend and there are so many different types of Oreo cookies like carrot cake, carmal apple, Pina Colada Oreos, Cherry Cola Oreos,Kettle Popcorn and of course the newest editon the  "Most Stuf" which has  FOUR TIMES, the cream. All these cookies where in one isle.

Did you know that they even make a special Oreo package for lefties. How are you going to celebrate the national day?  Mabye dukin a entire pack of Oreo's in some milk. I think thats the move for me.



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