Halloween is just a couple of weeks away, children all over Western New York are ready with their costumes and excited for trick-or-treating. According to WIVB, parents are wondering if their children are gonna be able to go out this year.

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Buffalo Mayor Byron Brown said, according to WIVB

I plan to issue guidelines with an abundance of caution for familes. There are experts that are concerned that we could see a spike in COVID-19 cases as we move into the colder weather.

According to WIVB, Dr. John Crane professor at the University at Buffalo said,

Those trick-or-treating, including parents and children, should wear a mask. I also think it's probably a good idea for homeowners answering the door with trick-or-treaters at their doorstep should also wear a mask then.

Halloween is one of my favorite times of the year, kids always go door-to-door in my neighborhood, and my family and I would sit out in the front yard and wait for trick-or-treaters.

I think it's important to follow all the safety guidelines, and there are some safe ways to enjoy Halloween this year, according to chomp.org

One of the best ideas I would give parents and teenagers is to try to go to only the houses that you know.

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