GZA is taking his rap genius to the science classrooms of New York City public schools where he once attended as a youngin' growing up in Brooklyn.

The veteran emcee has teamed up with Columbia University Teachers College professor Christopher Emdin and 10 public schools to bring something fresh to their science curriculum, according to TheVersed.com.

Emdin and GZA developed a competition called Science Genius B.A.T.T.L.E.S.

Students will write rhymes about various science topics and battle to have their verses published on the popular lyrics website Rap Genius.

This ties right into a project GZA is planning to release called 'Dark Matter.'

The body of work is influenced by science and includes lyrics about the 'Big Bang Theory.'

"Before space and time, thought produced a spec of light. It was infinitely hot and so extremely bright. But at the center of this great shining, there was massive energy that was expanding in great timing," raps GZA in a video of him spitting his scientific verses.

“This is a response to achievement gaps in science and mathematics," Emdin explains. "It is a response to students’ disinterest in science, and more broadly to kids just not wanting to show up in school."

"There are a lot of fly-by-night approaches to improve the classrooms, and the one thing they lack is cultural authenticity,” he added.

Watch GZA Rap About Science

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