It's become a trend that after each unfortunate Mass School Shooting, schools get an increased number of threats which turn out, thankfully, to be false alarms.  However, these false alarms are not treated as such upon the threat being made.  Every threat is taken seriously by all schools...but now there's an increased concern that anyone of these false alarms could result in another shooting like the recent Florida shooting.

Just one day after the Florida School Shooting, which left 17 dead, there were a rash of threats at, Randolph Academy in Cattaraugus County, in the Chautauqua Lake School District in and at BOCES in Ashville, according to a WGRZ News Report.

Probably based on the timing of these threats being so close to the tragic Florida Mass Shooting, Governor Andrew Cuomo ordered increased Police presence at all WNY Schools.  (News Video Below)

Here's the Statement Governor Cuomo made, according to a WGRZ News Report:

"The school shooting in Florida continues to reverberate across the country. This morning, in two schools in Upstate New York, we had what appears to be "copycat" threats made by students threatening violence and saying they would bring guns to schools. These two matters are under control. The schools involved were the Chautauqua Lake School District and the Randolph Academy in Cattaraugus County. Both students are in police custody. State Police are on site, and the schools are functioning once again after a brief closure this morning.  

"While the emotion, facts and consequences of yet another brutal gun attack continue to be processed, we must take a firm stand against any "copycat" actors. The State of New York has no tolerance for threats of violence in our school system. They will be handled immediately and aggressively. There are serious legal consequences for any person posing a threat whether or not they intend to actually execute upon that threat. A student should know there is nothing humorous about these situations and the consequences are most severe.

"While this morning's incidents have been resolved, the school system and local police departments remain on full alert. Out of an abundance of caution, I am ordering the State Police to increase its patrols around schools statewide."

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