Man Kept HIV A Secret!
What would you do? Years go by and then a boyfriend or girlfriend comes to you and tells you that he / she had the HIV virus when the two of you used to see each other.
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Community Health Center of Buffalo, in Niagara Falls and Buffalo, is conducting FREE HEALTH SCREENINGS in conjunction with Fidelis Care this Thursday and Friday.  The Event is called, "Take Your Loved One To The Doctor Day" and there is NO COST and no need for INSURANCE..…
In 1999, Nushawn Williams pleaded GUILTY to two counts of second-degree rape (statutory because the female was 13 years old) and one count of reckless endangerment in Chautauqua County, according to the Buffalo News, and was convicted.
Additionally, Williams became a MEDIA MOGUL after it was exposed …
This is the teen video must see! If you have children (teens) that you think are sexually active, do them a favor and have them watch this video it is that important!!!
Choose to live.
Man Infects 1000 Women With HIV [The Big Dummy Files}
David Smith infected at least 1,000 women with HIV his reasoning for doing this is BECAUSE HE LOVED THEM. Last week he walked into a police station and admitted to having unprotected sex with over 1000 women. He admitted his plan was to have sex with the women give them HIV and kill them...
Magic Johnson on How He Has Lived With HIV for 20 Years.
World AIDS day is December 1st, Magic Johnson made an appearance on CNN to talk about how he has lived with HIV for the past 20 years. This should hit home because people don't take HIV as seriously as they did 20 years ago. Magic Johnson talks about how he works out, he also mentions the impor…

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