He was the Buffalo Bills number one draft pick (3rd overall) in the 2011 NFL draft.  In 2015 the Bills signed him to a six-year $96.6-million contract extension.  But Sunday after the Jacksonville Jaguars Divisional Playoff game win over Pittsburgh, Marcel Dareus told reporters that he was treated like "a nobody" by the Buffalo Bills.

With Coach Sean McDermott in charge Dareus' playing time was reduced and for good reason.  He came to training camp out of shape and when he did play he just didn't seem interested.  To this Dareus complained to reporters, "I'm a _____ All-Pro.  And y'all aren’t even going to let me play? You aren't even going to give me snaps?"

Here's the same guy who was suspended twice for drugs.  The same guy involved in a drag race and crash.  The same guy who couldn't seem to get himself to meetings on time.  The same guy who said he was going to admit himself to rehab, but ended up partying on Chippewa Street.

Dareus says his mid-season trade to the Jaquars changed his life.  For his sake we can only hope so because he's paid lip-service to his immature actions too many times before only to repeat them.  He has continually proven himself to be an lazy, arrogant, childish egotist always looking for someone else to blame for his problems.

He was traded because despite his talent he is not the kind of player the Bills want.  I thought the trade was addition by subtraction.  I can't help but feel that in no time good ol' Marcel will revert to the kind of person and player he proved himself to be in Buffalo.

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