Bills Mafia Cruise is Happening in 2022
This is going to be absolutely out of control. Imagine hundreds of Buffalo Bills fans, stuck on the boat for a few days, drinking a bunch of Blue Light, and singing the 'Shout Song' on repeat. Because that is exactly what is going to happen. The Bills Mafia is taking over a cruise next May…
Diddy vs. Drake
The internet exploded after word began to spread that Drake got hit by Diddy at Miami's Club Liv. People began to speculate that Drake made a 'pass' at Cassie but we know now that is not the case.
Man Runs Over Head, Oprah..Toe
In the last few days there have been a couple freak car accidents in which body parts have been rolled over by the heavy vehicles yet the victims survive! In California a man ran over his own head and in Florida Oprah jumps into action after her driver crushed a woman's toe.
Zimmerman Flees Miami
Word on the street is that George Zimmerman was at the beach with his girlfriend, her son and his younger brother. Once the beach-goers noticed who they were sharing the sun with, they started harassing him, and someone even screamed there was $10,000 on his head!

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